Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Thoughts

A new year is about to begin. Another year is to be added to our chronological age but the experiences somehow make us stay young- the happy ones, I guess. The bad ones are not really bad, I think, as long as we reflect on the the lessons we have learned. I hope I don't sound too righteous and who cares! Life is what we make it and as I often hear, "when God closes a door, He opens a better one for us." Happy new year, everyone!

Yearend Reflection

2007 is almost over and as I start reviewing what transpired in the 365 days of life, I felt that I was a mere witness to many lives of other people. As I met my former students, staff, and colleagues, I realize how good God has been to all of us. Arem looked renewed and happier with his new job at the office of the Dasmarinas vice mayor, Ram is enjoying his OJT at Fudge Magazine, Royce is getting married on January 15, Julius and Deejay, who are now both in Singapore will have their church wedding come December 2008, Michelle is now filled with so much joy with her new baby, Mark has come home for a vacation, Margery and Jane have been helping me out test market my glutathione soaps and lotions, my niece Ana has turned 18, Anthony has celebrated his nth birthday, the 3rd English Camp of Phoenix One Knowledge Institute is all systems go, and more...It is not that I have been stagnant. I have realized how I got so hooked with the academe that I failed to acknowledge that there may be something else out there for me since being an academician was not what I really wanted. It has been a year now since I resigned from my almost 14 year stint and I still look forward to what is in stored for me in the art and PR world. I was born during the Year of the Rabbit which people say will be lucky in 2008. Well, just like my brother-in-law, I always hope for the best.