Monday, February 16, 2009

PADYAK : An Indie Film To Watch

PADYAK, a Breaking The Box production of a Palanca award-winning ScreenplayIn cooperation with the National Comission for Culture and the Arts A film by Aloy Adlawan opens March 4, 2009 at the Robinson's Galleria Indiesine.
Here is the synopsis: Noel inherits a pedicab vehicle after the sudden death of his father, a pedicab driver. Unable to pursue his dream of going to college, Noel takes up the job his father left. Everything and everyday then become a cycle of routine with the people he knows and the perfect strangers he takes into his vehicle to pedal them to their destinations.

In the middle of Noel’s story come three other vignettes that are totally unrelated to him. Or so it seems. A maid has an affair with her employer’s lover and is caught. A child wants to throw his father a birthday bash. A law graduate literally encounters another side of himself tempting him to do something.

A series of tragedy takes Noel’s life into its own spin. A beautiful woman he befriends is found dead, his best friend Baste is killed, there’s the tragedy of the woman he loves, Nadia, falling into the claws of prostitution, and lastly, his own mother succumbing into a diabetic coma. Noel is left questioning his own existence… Will the world be a different place without a pedicab driver like him? Does his life really matter?
(Watch the full Trailer on Youtube)