Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Great Grand Dad

Aguinaldo. This is my great grandfather. I have always felt fortunate to have his genes. At an early age, I felt great pride in being a Filipino. A lot of people see him as a lesser hero and even maligned him. Like him, I have always believed that he fought for a ungrateful people. But had he died in battle, a lot of historians say, he could have been the National Hero. Hero or not, no one could ever surpass what he gave this country- the flag, the national anthem, the first constitution, the first armed forces and of course, declaration of independence. It's great to be one of his great grandchildren and as such, I always have this feeling that I have to protect and perpetuate a legacy. Maybe not in politics but through's an artwork done by me for him...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mouse Line Art

I started experimenting with graphics software ever since I got exposed to web content editing/management as part of my PR job. It was a job that entailed long exposure to the web and PCs so I thought of using the time also to do art stuff. The earliest experiment was drawing using my mouse on a software I couldn't recall now. I have unearthed copies of these works from an old folder. I love to do them again
though they're too time-consuming.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My presence at the 111th Philippine Independence Day

I missed the 110th celebration of Philippine Independence last year and as a member of the
Aguinaldo Clan, I should have been there. So I made my presence felt for this 111th clebration, June 12, 2009. On a personal note, it is a good time to renew ties with relatives, old friends, fellow cultural workers and meet new personas from politics and government at the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite. Seeing all the guests and spectators of the re-enactment of the Acta de Proclamacion directed by Jun Posadas, I can't help but think and ask how far we have gone. Mabuhay! Viva Pilipinas!

Sining Caviteño REDbolusyonaryo Arts Exhibit

Three (3) of my filtrographs were exhibited among various works of contemporary Cavite artists at the event center of SM Bacoor from May 28-June 12. Billed "Sining Caviteño REDbolusyonaryo Arts Exhibit, the show was formally opened by Cavite Governor Maliksi. It kicked off the celebration of the Kalayaan Festival which is annually celebrated until June 12, Independence Day. The exhibit was actually a venue for the artists to express their pride in being Caviteños and at the same time in being Filipino through photographs, assemblages, sculptures, and mixed media. It was held in collaboration with the Public Information and Community Relations Department of the Office of the Governor.