Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handmade Cards; New Passion

It was a first for both Nimfa and I on selling our own crafts for an Artists Tiangge at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Nimfa had her paper collages and handmade cards on sale. Her cards were instant hits. All I could sell are handmade paper sheets and bags by Sonny Miranda since I had no time to produce my Filtrographs. Selling was such fun that Vic Ursabia, Nimfa's husband, thought of doing the cards on the spot to solicit people's curiousity. With a little prodding, I indulged into the pasting of those torn little pieces of colorful paper and juxtaposing them against each other to creat a somewhat surreal images. I never thought it would be fun that I even finished doing 10 cards and sold 4 of them.

Here are some of those cards Nimfa and i made for the Artists Tiangge:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Filipino indie filmmakers confront challenges in summit

Filipino independent filmmakers tackled issues affecting the industry in the First Philippine Independent Film Summit, held on November 8, 2008 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Convened by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and the CCP, the summit helped discussed issues confronting indie filmmakers and come up with solutions to address them.

Bayani San Diego, Jr. in his Philippine Daily Inquirer, November 17, 2008 article, reported that a major problem pointed out by 53 participants from government, media, and indie community is oversupply.

Considering the number of the indie films aired last year and up to the first quarter of this year, the need to create a central booking agency to facilitate the smooth traffic of indie films into the market also surfaced.

Despite the frequent conflicts in showing schedules, filmmakers still want commercial runs which are only possible by going through the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MRTCB) but the producers find the PhP 8,000.00 fee needed to secure a permit as too steep. Discounted rates, however, are not totally out of the question according to MRTCB.

With these issues raised, Digna Santiago, Philippine Film Export Services Office (PFESO) executive director added that the art of making films has to be complemented by the business of making movies and that these movies have to be seen and reach audiences here and abroad.

As a solution, alternative venues where indie films can make headway were suggested and identified along distribution, ancillary sales and policy-making.

Stakeholders of the film industry came-up with action plans with specific points on creating a committee to develop policies, meeting with the MTRCB and Cinema Evaluation Board along with representatives of the Department of Education and other policy makers, mounting of an indie film festival in Metro Manila.

There is also the plan to lobby for the classification of indie films as part of a creative industry so filmmakers could avail of incentives from the Department of Trade and Industry. Indie filmmakers, thus, need to prove that they can contribute to the economy and that their films have export potentials.

As response to such need, a second summit is slated on November 28, 2008 to focus on international distribution for indie and mainstream films.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Solo Show

Finally, after a decade and after some prodding from Nimfa and Vic Ursabia and Christian Tamondong, I now have the guts to showcase my art stuff in a solo exhibit. I chose my great grand dad's home and also home to Philippine Independence to pay homage to my roots and to my fellow native Caviteño artists.

Billed "Filtrographs by Angelo J. Aguinaldo", the show is supported by the National Historical Institute, Microcadd , and BaliGarden.

Other sponsors include my dear friends Dr. Gabby Gabriel, Jose Elmer Francisco, Reylie del Rosario, PCCI-Cavite Chapter President Teresita Leabres, Letty L. Ramos, Don Roberto's Mango Wine, Joseph Michael Aguinaldo, and Shey Aguinaldo.

The patronage of Jun Matias of PC Clinic Sta. Rosa (049-5345167), Junard Tablan, Rebecca Rieta, Edna Ibrado, Joseph and Phel Jarin, Emil Aguinaldo, Nimfa Ursabia, Gina Ayran, Tinay Ramirez of Elements of Style, James Jao, was equally of great help! The exhibit runs November 20-22, 25-29; December 2-6, 2008. Please come and share my happiness!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saulog's Tipanan

I have been writing about Simon Saulog since the 80s as he requested me to write his biography. Since his death in 1995, I have continued the search for his undocumented works like I was doing a lifelong endeavor.

Just recently, I had the chance to meet Makati Medical Center President and Medical Director Dr. Raul Fores, whose name I clearly recalled was mentioned by Saulog during one of my frequent visits to his old home in Imus, Cavite. The information I got back then in the late 80s was hazy and thanks to Dr. Gabby Gabriel, Program Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Training Program of the Makati Medical Center and my former classmate in elementary ( both of us were into arts), I finally documented “Tipanan”.

“Tipanan”, literally “Meeting Place”, was actually a gift from the Enriqueta A. Castañeda family to Dr. Fores. The Castañeda family had very strong ties with Saulog as evidenced by the myriad Saulog paintings among its family members.

Saulog painted “Tipanan” in 1970. Based on the bio essay which DLSU-Dasmariñas helped me published on CD, Saulog painted it at a time the conservative school suffered a sharp decline as modernism started to emerge. It was also a time when the art circle saw the rise of abstract/non-representational genre as the most acceptable form of painting (annotations from my friend, Alain Austria).
Moreover, it was a time when Saulog left the asphalt jungle and stayed away from the intrigues of Manila’s art circle and put up shop in his hometown, Imus.

Saulog rediscovered his then rustic hometown. As such, he created more masterpieces that convey a new-found vigor. “Tipanan”, reflecting the Saulog stroke that transcends the blending of colors to depict moods and dramatic lighting, is a story of love, of security, and beauty found in life. It is an anecdote painting, revolving around a narrative that he romanticized through dramatic pose of his two human subjects, the lovers.

The meeting with Dr. Raul Fores and his secretary, Gloria Cerojano, a townmate of Saulog, was fruitful. Gabby and I learned of more people to talk to about undocumented Saulog works outside the Cavite circle...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Exhibit Thrill

I am now back into that thrill of having my work scrutinized in a public space. This time at the 16th Construction Show Manila (Manilacon 08) September 4-7, 2008, at the SMX Convention, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines.

I will be joining 20 other members of Klub Natur where I also serve as communication officer. Our exhibit booth will be a zen garden set-up designed and sponsored by IC Architecture and Landscapes with rustic wood furnitures provided by Marboza Handicrafts. Thanks guys!

Thanks also to L.A. Ducut and Co. for the invitation and to my niece Carmen Aguinaldo-Tagle and cousin Emilie Aguinaldo-Edquid for sponsoring two of my filtrographs in the Show.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

LuzViMinda ECO-House at MANILACON 08

I have met Tristan and Lilibeth Abais of LA Ducut and Company, Inc (LADCI) to discuss Klub Natur's participation in the 16th Construction Show Manila 2008 (Manilacon 08). In the course of the meeting, it became clear why an environmental photography club like Klub Natur is invited to take part in the show. The couple explained that LuzViMinda Eco-House Initiative, an environmental-friendly house designed for the Filipino family will take center stage at MANILACON 08, September 4-7, 2008, SMX Convention, Mall of Asia, Bay Central, Pasay City.

Based on UK standards and adopted for the Philippine setting, the Eco-House Initiative targets 25% more energy efficient house as specified in the Code for Sustainable Homes in the Philippines. The house will be constructed after the Show for an OFW family in Cebu.

Products used in the LuzViMinda ECO-House will also be showcased at the MANILACON 08. These are products that meet at least a D-Class according to The Green Guide specifications to construction materials 2008 edition.

The initiative is a joint undertaking between LA Ducut and Company, Inc (LADCI) and ModernA, the project proponent. ModernA is a newly organized club of emerging Architects from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao whose primary objectives include establishing public advocacy to foster professional development in enhancing man-made environments. The LuzViMinda ECO-House articulates ModernA's advocacy for the sustainable building environment.

LA Ducut and Company, Inc (LADCI), a professional event organizer and manager, has been pursuing such projects that inject more social relevance to the trade exhibitions that it does and more specifically, on being substantial and sustainable.

Klub Natur's trust on heritage consciousness compliments LADCI's vision.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Art Stuff at Klub Natur Exhibit, first Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Exposition '08

After weeks of prodding by fellow Kloobers, I decided to join the exhibit at the First Philippine International Flora and Fauna Garden Exposition, July 18-20, 2008. Kloobers' works were viewed during the opening day by Department of Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Lito Atienza, Ms. Corazon Davis of DENR-NCR and other DENR officials who also graced the formal opening of the expostion. Klub Natur also got a surprise guest on the last day. Few minutes before closing, Isabela Governor Grace M. Padaca, visited the booth.

Here are the two (2) works I exhibited:

More of my art and images are uploaded in and prints and other merchandise available at

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tamondong In Color Dynamics

Christian Tamondong holds his 10th one-man show billed "Pajama Party" from July 12-31, 2008 at the Blanc Art Space. Ten years before (in 1998), he was a passionate art student of the Institute of Fine Arts of the Philippine Women's University. His former instructor in Color Dynamics, Nimfa Ursabia, was kind enough to share some of Tamondong's class seat works with me. They truly convey Tamondong's early fascination with colors and shapes- the springboard to his now whimsical, somewhat cartoonish and metaphoric images. Here are two of them, posted with permission from the artist:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Museo ng Maynila

I attended the 3rd Architectural Conservation Lecture Series on Architectural Photography last June 21, 2008. Sponsored by the Heritage Conservation Society, the lecture featured Prof. Tim Long, landscape and architectural photographer for the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust and Chicago Historical Foundation. Prof. Tim Long shared insights on the documentary project: “Daniel Burnham’s Enduring Vision for the Philippines: Creating a Photographic Document.” He noted that although Burnham’s vision for the Philippines was “never fully realized, it did exert a powerful influence for decades on building design, street schemes, and zoning codes in various regional capitals.” As I was listening to the lecture, the venue - the old Navy and Army Club which is now home to Heritage Conservation Society, the Museo ng Maynila, intrigued me. Always armed with a camera, I took shots of the building to satisfy my cultural curiosity. To restore the building, by the way, PhP 350 million needs to be raised.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Conservation society features Chicago photographer in lecture

The Heritage Conservation Society featured Prof. Tim Long, landscape and architectural photographer for the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust and Chicago Historical Foundation in its 3rd Architectural Conservation Lecture Series on Architectural Photography, June 21, 2008, Museo ng Maynila (Army and Navy Club Building), Manila.

Prof. Tim Long shared insights on the documentary project: “Daniel Burnham’s Enduring Vision for the Philippines: Creating a Photographic Document.” He noted that although Burnham’s vision for the Philippines was “never fully realized, it did exert a powerful influence for decades on building design, street schemes, and zoning codes in various regional capitals.”

According to Long, Manila, despite becoming so dense with building and people, still has the markings of Burnham’s influence – “buildings clustered around Rizal Park and with field houses built for officers’ clubs and the Manila Hotel at the opposite end near the Manila Bay.”

Long also cited Baguio, as another city where Burnham’s influence is clearly manifested. Named after the designer, Burnham Park is situated in a central area with government buildings put up along a central axis of the park. The layout is even reminiscent of the older section of the Chicago Park District.

With the important facets of the Burnham Photography Project imparted to architecture and photography students and other enthusiasts, it is hoped that the project makes an important addition to Burnham’s contribution to architecture and city planning. Burnham, a Chicago architect, gained greater reputation as a city planner. He supervised the lay out and construction of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. In 1909, he also led the drafting of The Plan for Chicago, considered as the first example of a comprehensive planning document in the U.S.A. Burnham also worked on other city plans, including ones for Cleveland, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Manila.

Prof. Long, having a 25-year experience in photography, also gave notes on taking accurate and compelling photos of architecture. He simply zeroed in on perspective or angles- slowing down as one carefully studies the ideal angle for the shoot instead of experimenting on snapshots, learning how to crop, being responsible for every part and corner of the subject, and knowing the value of the structure. Long also emphasized the projection of the subject or landmark as how they are useful to people.

Long, who also teaches photography at Columbia College, is the director of the Portfolio Center. He is currently working on two book projects with the Center for American Places.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Insomnolent Life in Tamondong's Pajama Party

Tamondong's somewhat dark, provoking, and humorous images are back.

As I sat and listen to him, I realized that he really never ceases to intrigue the restless mind. And one may continue to go on exploring and dig dipper into Tamondong’s fancy as he mounts “Pajama Party”, a look into an insomniac’s gray matter, on July 12 -31, 2008, at blanc, Crown Tower, 107 de la Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. .

Asked on the rationale of “Pajama Party”, Tamondong quipped “as an insomniac, I get the most creative juices at the wee hours of the night. It is when ideas pop and battle in my own consciousness.” It is in this consciousness that the antics of the restless nocturnal are stirred.

“Pajama Party” mirrors that consciousness. To cite an example, “Pillow Fight” is an attribution to throwing ideas and the battle of these thoughts in one’s brain.

His “Truth or Dare” simply reflects the game– a reality where one chooses either to open up or withhold at the mercy of the spinning empty bottle. “Jack & Company”, takes on one’s security blanket – a toy that becomes a witness, a sort of a friend to everyone and company to one’s mood and thus, becomes a source of inspiration.

“Be with friends on a drinking spree” seems to be what “Big Bellied Beer Buddies” says as a way out of a seemingly restless night.

“Bitch”, says Tamondong is a study on life’s bitchiness. One has to go on with the flow of life’s complications. And for the insomnolent life, there is always a stalker in oneself. There seem to be these omnipresent eyes that watch him on every thing he does. The body, no matter how restless, gives in and the mind simply tones down.

“Super Strong” speaks of the gentleness one craves for in the aroma and taste of pure and strong coffee. They simply relieve the tired heart.

It’s a busy life with relentless creation amidst isolation. There is no resentment but the thought of the unadulterated life in "Missing My Once Calm Self", gives Tamondong's hyperactive mind a respite. AA

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ube Jelaya: This one’s fried!

Ube Jelaya. What’s the fuzz, I asked myself when offered a serving at the Star Café of Kabayan Hotel Pasay.

Fried and wrapped it came on the table! And like with any other food offered to me, this fried ube jelaya (jam) may be worth the experience.

One spoonful of this vibrant purple jam that landed on my excited taste buds was enough to evoke thoughts on how this yam that thrives across Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, was cooked. Jane Andres of Kabayan Hotel Pasay ( my host) and I started recalling in a jiffy how town and barrio folks cooked it over medium-low flame with constant “arm-numbing stirring.” Family members would even take turns stirring the cooked ube mixture and the smell of firewood, that made it exotic, used to be evident in the jelaya. With all the cups of milk and sugar that are blended with the cooked ube, it is certainly a NO-NO food to diet conscious denizens. Surely, a spoonful wouldn’t hurt but with macapuno, it’s another story. And these were not among our meeting’s real agenda!

Anyway, there may be myriad ways, based on one’s culture, on how to deal with the manner of cooking or preparing this ube jelaya. What touched my palate is a recipe from Quezon province. Fried or simply painstakingly stirred for an hour or more until the pasty consistency is achieved, the ube jelaya is meant to be a star among our own Pinoy desserts.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Wagayway (Flag) Festival Kicks Off

The First Wagayway Festival kicked off last May 24, 2008 amidst jovial spirit of town folks and guests. Gracing the opening activitiy of the 5-day festival were Congressman Pidi Brazaga and his wife Dasmariñas Mayor Jenny Barzaga. The kick off parade was participated in by senior citizens groups, socio-civic groups like IBAC, Lions Club and Bankers Association of Imus, teachers and administrators of public and private schools of Imus, municipal employees, youth and cultural orgs,Toyota Alabang Inc. and the Pagsanjan cultural group, bands, drum and lyre, and rondalla from the Philippine Marines, FEU and PNU.

The event derived its title "Wagayway" from the fact that the first Philippine flag which was sewn by Marcela Agoncillo in Hongkong was first unfurled in Imus on May 28, 1898 following a victory by local revolutionaries against the Spanish forces at what is now known as "Battle of Alapan".

The holding of the annual festival is aimed at reclaiming the Philippine town of Imus' rightful place in the country’s history even as it also seeks to make itself known as the nation’s flag capital.

See pics...

Sunday, May 11, 2008 a bite idea

It all began with the experience of three Asian Institute of Management students. Nelson Dinio, Bernalette Ramos-Santiago and Christopher Ferareza, senior managers/directors of two premier Philippine accounting firms, who conducted the Leadership Walkabout Process project “The Best of Imus Kakanin Atbp”, tasted the sumptuous “kutsinta” (red rice cake).

They found out that the “kutsinta” has been produced by an entrepreneur for over 40 years now in her backyard using a traditional grinding stone or “gilingan”. Inspired by such discovery, Dinio, Santiago, and Ferareza thought of starting a central outlet that will market the delicious “kutsinta” to a wider market. They call it the “bite idea” because a bite paved the way to the concept.

Complimenting the existing Kakaninderia as distribution and retail establishment that sells “kakanin” and other local products, the online version was put up by the three excited graduate students to expand the market reach of these products.

Though the products offered are limited to the best from small “kakanin” producers of Imus, Cavite, they are all under the brand name PATIKIM or “Produkto at Ipinagmamalaking Kakanin ng Imus.” As such, clients are assured of excellent quality.

The “kakanin” includes “kutsinta” (red rice cake), “pitchi-pitchi” (ground cassava cake), “sapin-sapin” (three-layered rice cake), “pinipig pitchi-pitchi”, “empanada”, and Don Roberto’s Mango Wine. Orders are currently limited to customers within Cavite, Makati, Pasay, Manila, Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa.

Those toying on the idea of ordering and tasting these “kakanin” are in for a gastronomic surprise for they are to have a share of this “bite idea.”

Friday, May 9, 2008

Come Home To Kabayan Hotel

Be a VIP, a Very Important Pinoy, that is, at Kabayan Hotel.

From the airport, checking in to Kabayan Hotel is hassle-free since at the NAIA Terminal since representatives from the Legend Hotels International Corporation facilitate the guest’s transfer to the hotel through its 24-hour “meet and greet” program.
Stepping in the hotel premises, one begins to feel at home and enjoy authentic Pinoy hospitality that he longed for while away from home.
As the sun is up, a Kabayan VIP may enjoy breakfast he craves for – tocino, tapa, daing na bangus and more. Blend in some freshly brewed Kapeng Barako or local hot chocolate for the complete pambahay breakfast.
Then go on with the great Pinoy experience and indulge with more good food prepared for that Pinoy appetite at Kabayan’s Pinoy Star Café.
How does sizzling sisig from Pampanga sound? Crispy pata? Laswa? Pochero, anyone? Don’t forget to end your meal with sweet notes- ube jaleya, creamy leche flan, sago’t gulaman or halo-halo.
It’s not only food that Kabayan Hotel offers to honor the all-important guest. Kabayan Hotel has rooms that fit one’s budget and taste- from Premium Rooms to Pads.
For the premium rooms, each air-conditioned room is designed with bedside control panel, cable TV, telephone, internet connection, private toilet and bath.
The budget conscious may enjoy Kabayan’s Pads, a single occupancy room with set breakfast at PhP 800 net.
For the whole family, be at home with spacious and furnished family rooms that come in unique designs and functionality at reasonable rates.
The list does not end here. For the VIP, hotel staff goes an extra mile to assure comfortable, safe, clean, and secured accommodations. They are always ready to welcome the VIP with sunny smiles into the lobby and Bayanihan lounges, function/meeting rooms, internet ready business centers, prayer room, and well-guarded parking lots.
Kabayan has safety deposit boxes, closed circuit cameras, secured luggage room, room service for coffee shop, on-call masseurs, and a 24-hour car rental for the VIP’s convenience.
The VIP is certain to find refuge in “there-is’no-place-like-home” atmosphere of Kabayan Hotel. So find out how it is to be a Very Important Pinoy, the VIP. Come home to Kabayan Hotel Pasay at 2878 Zamora Street corner EDSA/Pasay Rotonda ( near MRT/LRT Stations).
For reservations and inquiries, call 7022700 to 04 or visit .
Kabayan shall welcome you home!

Imus gears up for Wagayway Festival

IMUS, Cavite, Philippines- This bustling municipality is gearing up for a series of festive activities aimed at reclaiming its rightful place in the country's history even as it also seeks to make itself known as the nation's flag capital.

Organizers of the project dubbed "Wagayway Festival 2008" led by Mayor Manny Maliksi and Vice Mayor Mandy Ilano have expressed optimism that this year's activities will finally usher in a new era and create a new identity for their municipality.

Wagayway means to wave, display or unfurl something that is folded such as in the case of a flag or a banner. The event derived its title from the fact that the first Philippine flag which was sewn by Marcela Agoncillo in Hongkong was first unfurled in Imus on May 28, 1898 following a victory by local revolutionaries against the Spanish forces at what is now known as "Battle of Alapan".

In an interview, Mayor Maliksi pointed out that the five day festival which will begin May 24 and culminate on May 28 will jumpstart what they envision will be an annual activity comparable in magnitude and influence to such famous festivals in the country.

"However, unlike other festivals which are religious in nature, this is a festival with historical and nationalistic theme. It will be celebrated highlighting the bravery and patriotism of the revolutionaries who won the Battle of Alapan in Imus, Cavite despite tremendous odds "he said.

"It is guaranteed to become even more colorful than other festivals because we will fill almost every area of our town with Philippine flags to dramatize our claim to being the country's flag capital while also highlighting the bravery of our ancestors who fought against the Spaniards" Ilano elaborated.

That victory battle paved the way for the eventual birth of the First Philippine Republic and the declaration of the Philippine Independence on June 12 of the same year by President Emilio Aguinaldo where he also unfurled the same flag in the nearby Kawit town. That single act of Aguinaldo led to the common notion among many ordinary Filipinos that it was in Kawit where the country's flag was first unfurled.

However, both Mayor Maliksi and Vice Mayor Ilano are confident that the activities they lined up will establish Imus as a historic town as it will also make a name as one of the top tourist and investment destinations in the country. Aside from an array of festive activities, they also invited several well-known TV and movie personalities to liven up the event and attract more visitors.

The festival shall commence with the colorful Flag Parade, giving a deeper respect to the icon of nationhood. Festivities shall include a game show, the “Lutrina” Sagala, motorcycle show, on-the-spot mural making contest, “Talakayang Kasaysayan” public forum, “Galing-Kalye” hip-hop showdown, “Kasaysayawan” ballroom dance olympics, “Birit Hear-It!” singing contest, “Concierto 110: Rock the Flag” concert. The festival will be capped by the re-enactment of the "Battle of Alapan" and the momentous Flag Raising Ceremony on May 28.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tamondong's Zoo La La: Homage to Animalandia

Zoo La La, Tamondong’s ninth one-man show last March, 2008 paid tribute to common animals in colorful menageries.

With inspiration drawn from a 6-week holiday in Thailiand, his show reflected the desire to "start a move whereby people treat animals with more love and respect." Back in Thailand, Tamondong noticed how well the Thais "took care, not just their pets, but animals in general." So he translated this high regard for these creatures on canvas in whimsical strokes and shapes.

In this exhibit at the Gallery Art Verite, Serendra, The Fort, Tamondong consistently conveyed his love for playfulness, humor, vibrant colors, and enchantment.

More of his ideas on canvas will be treated as treasures in his site which is currently under construction by Kaizen Internetworking.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Simon Saulog's Passion of Christ

Simon Saulog. I seem to discover more about him as I go on with life. The most recent is when I stumbled on his 14 sketches of Jesus Christ's in agony. The sketches have been hanging for approximately 30 years now at the chapel of the Makati Medical Center. I noticed the familiar pencil strokes when I frequently sought refuge at the chapel and I played caregiver to my 81 year-old mom last January, 2008. Jackpot! I told myself when I moved my face a few inches closer to one of the sketches.The graceful signature Saulog is authentic! I began to recall how Saulog used to talk about Dr. Fores, the frontrunner of the Makati Medical Center with fondness. A close family friend of Tata Simon even told me that 3 of the sketches were lost and Saulog graciously replaced them with new ones in the 80s. So here they are now, all 14 of them, for everyone to marvel at. Thanks to Atty Richard Ferrer, President and CEO of the Makati Medical Center for approving my request to photo-document these priceless pencil renderings, the staff of the housekeeping services led by Mrs. Severina Mallari for the assistance and Ram Anciro for the photography, last March 15, 2008.

For those wondering who Simon Saulog is, kindly read my previous entries and explore the works of the master painter from Cavite, Philippines.