Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Insomnolent Life in Tamondong's Pajama Party

Tamondong's somewhat dark, provoking, and humorous images are back.

As I sat and listen to him, I realized that he really never ceases to intrigue the restless mind. And one may continue to go on exploring and dig dipper into Tamondong’s fancy as he mounts “Pajama Party”, a look into an insomniac’s gray matter, on July 12 -31, 2008, at blanc, Crown Tower, 107 de la Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City. .

Asked on the rationale of “Pajama Party”, Tamondong quipped “as an insomniac, I get the most creative juices at the wee hours of the night. It is when ideas pop and battle in my own consciousness.” It is in this consciousness that the antics of the restless nocturnal are stirred.

“Pajama Party” mirrors that consciousness. To cite an example, “Pillow Fight” is an attribution to throwing ideas and the battle of these thoughts in one’s brain.

His “Truth or Dare” simply reflects the game– a reality where one chooses either to open up or withhold at the mercy of the spinning empty bottle. “Jack & Company”, takes on one’s security blanket – a toy that becomes a witness, a sort of a friend to everyone and company to one’s mood and thus, becomes a source of inspiration.

“Be with friends on a drinking spree” seems to be what “Big Bellied Beer Buddies” says as a way out of a seemingly restless night.

“Bitch”, says Tamondong is a study on life’s bitchiness. One has to go on with the flow of life’s complications. And for the insomnolent life, there is always a stalker in oneself. There seem to be these omnipresent eyes that watch him on every thing he does. The body, no matter how restless, gives in and the mind simply tones down.

“Super Strong” speaks of the gentleness one craves for in the aroma and taste of pure and strong coffee. They simply relieve the tired heart.

It’s a busy life with relentless creation amidst isolation. There is no resentment but the thought of the unadulterated life in "Missing My Once Calm Self", gives Tamondong's hyperactive mind a respite. AA

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