Tuesday, November 17, 2009


sSteamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves, Suman has been an all-time favorite food; a staple during the Holiday Season. I've known a cousin named Norma who has been in the business of making Suman for over 30 decades; probably inheriting it from our forefathers. Known to have originated in a barrio called Toclong or "Lupang Kawit", Suman is a part of Kawit (Cavite) culture. I took these photos while I indulge on a bar of Suman complete with shredded coconut and traditional brown sugar called "paldo". Yummy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Latest Prints

I've been wanting to try my hands on doing traditional prints but with the nature of my full time job, the closest I got was with the use of a computer software. I manipulated photos I took using my Sony Cybershot to generate diiferents works of art. Here are some of the post processed outputs.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sir Soni Chavez' Creativity On Wood

Here is a young artist I met in Sining-CaviteƱo REDbolusyonaryo Art Exhibit last May 2009. He pours his creativity on wood, a medium closest to his heart. Based in the upland and rustic town of Indang, Cavite, Philippines, Sir Soni Chavez takes full advantage of the natural characteristics of wood and for his art, reclaimed wood. He carves, sculpt, and mixes other media with recycled wood to create a unique artwork. It must be his training in Psychology that triggered his passion for abstract and surrealist style. I think his works convey an influence of culture and contemporary art. According to Chavez, pulling out the natural beauty of an old wood by carving, cutting, mixing shapes, and painting on the surface is great way to express oneself and it is also an excellent way to beautify something that may have been ordinarily considered trash.