Monday, March 17, 2008

Simon Saulog's Passion of Christ

Simon Saulog. I seem to discover more about him as I go on with life. The most recent is when I stumbled on his 14 sketches of Jesus Christ's in agony. The sketches have been hanging for approximately 30 years now at the chapel of the Makati Medical Center. I noticed the familiar pencil strokes when I frequently sought refuge at the chapel and I played caregiver to my 81 year-old mom last January, 2008. Jackpot! I told myself when I moved my face a few inches closer to one of the sketches.The graceful signature Saulog is authentic! I began to recall how Saulog used to talk about Dr. Fores, the frontrunner of the Makati Medical Center with fondness. A close family friend of Tata Simon even told me that 3 of the sketches were lost and Saulog graciously replaced them with new ones in the 80s. So here they are now, all 14 of them, for everyone to marvel at. Thanks to Atty Richard Ferrer, President and CEO of the Makati Medical Center for approving my request to photo-document these priceless pencil renderings, the staff of the housekeeping services led by Mrs. Severina Mallari for the assistance and Ram Anciro for the photography, last March 15, 2008.

For those wondering who Simon Saulog is, kindly read my previous entries and explore the works of the master painter from Cavite, Philippines.