Friday, May 2, 2008

Tamondong's Zoo La La: Homage to Animalandia

Zoo La La, Tamondong’s ninth one-man show last March, 2008 paid tribute to common animals in colorful menageries.

With inspiration drawn from a 6-week holiday in Thailiand, his show reflected the desire to "start a move whereby people treat animals with more love and respect." Back in Thailand, Tamondong noticed how well the Thais "took care, not just their pets, but animals in general." So he translated this high regard for these creatures on canvas in whimsical strokes and shapes.

In this exhibit at the Gallery Art Verite, Serendra, The Fort, Tamondong consistently conveyed his love for playfulness, humor, vibrant colors, and enchantment.

More of his ideas on canvas will be treated as treasures in his site which is currently under construction by Kaizen Internetworking.

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