Sunday, May 11, 2008 a bite idea

It all began with the experience of three Asian Institute of Management students. Nelson Dinio, Bernalette Ramos-Santiago and Christopher Ferareza, senior managers/directors of two premier Philippine accounting firms, who conducted the Leadership Walkabout Process project “The Best of Imus Kakanin Atbp”, tasted the sumptuous “kutsinta” (red rice cake).

They found out that the “kutsinta” has been produced by an entrepreneur for over 40 years now in her backyard using a traditional grinding stone or “gilingan”. Inspired by such discovery, Dinio, Santiago, and Ferareza thought of starting a central outlet that will market the delicious “kutsinta” to a wider market. They call it the “bite idea” because a bite paved the way to the concept.

Complimenting the existing Kakaninderia as distribution and retail establishment that sells “kakanin” and other local products, the online version was put up by the three excited graduate students to expand the market reach of these products.

Though the products offered are limited to the best from small “kakanin” producers of Imus, Cavite, they are all under the brand name PATIKIM or “Produkto at Ipinagmamalaking Kakanin ng Imus.” As such, clients are assured of excellent quality.

The “kakanin” includes “kutsinta” (red rice cake), “pitchi-pitchi” (ground cassava cake), “sapin-sapin” (three-layered rice cake), “pinipig pitchi-pitchi”, “empanada”, and Don Roberto’s Mango Wine. Orders are currently limited to customers within Cavite, Makati, Pasay, Manila, Las PiƱas, and Muntinlupa.

Those toying on the idea of ordering and tasting these “kakanin” are in for a gastronomic surprise for they are to have a share of this “bite idea.”

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