Sunday, October 11, 2009

torVs' Watercolor

When I started out as a traditional artist(hobbyist) in the late 80s, watercolor was one medium I was so fond of, second to oil. I experimented a lot and gave most of them (watercolor works) away to friends as gifts and now I am wondering what they did with them. I started recalling about my watercolor pieces when I met this young artist from Nueva Ecija via He is Victor Cortez Banalagay. Victor now works as a graphic artist. Two years ago, I promised him that I shall promote him and his watercolor. For one reason or another, probably by some academic career distractions, I failed to fulfill. And now to create more interest in traditional art which I myself also miss doing, I am sharing his early watercolor pieces fresh from my 2007 folder.


  1. hey! thanks angelo! nice to hear from u again. i miss painting nadin. sna parehas tayo mkabalik sa pagpaint. thanks again!!!