Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Got The Job!

It was on June 19, 2009 that I finally decided to hand in my letter of intent and resume to the National Historical Institute. I applied for the job as Curator since my aunt retired around three (3) years ago. I waited. Then weeks later after typhoon Ondoy hit the country, I got a text message asking me to report for interview. I went and got the biggest surprise of life for it was a panel (consisting of 11 section chiefs)interview. Then again I waited. Then another text message asking me to report and prepare my requirements. A friend told me I'm already hired. Still, I waited for the appointment papers. And I got to sign them first week of December. I had my oath-taking on December 7 then report to the Aguinaldo Shrine on December 8. It felt like an ordinary day since I have known the staff ever since I was in college for I have always helped out and worked as a volunteer. Every morning that I report for work, it is always like coming to a second home. I feel so comfortable. It may be the sea breeze or the clean environment. OR may be because it is where my roots are. I sometimes feel my great grandfather walking by my side as I do frequent rounds of the 7000 sq. m. plus property. I hope he can also whisper what else to do...

Late afternoon walk at the grounds of the Aguinaldo Shrine...Photos

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  1. I've always been curious with how the Aguinaldo Shrine would look on the inside since all what my eyes have captured is only the facade available from the outside whenever i occasionally pass by the place.

    I must have felt the same way as common Chinese from the time emperors rule do with the forbidden city. Always stirred with the mystery of what lies behind the structure.

    And just like those common Chinese, I may not find an opportunity to enter the stately residence. But it's ok! I have seen one artifact - the prince.