Thursday, October 25, 2007

Choosing the Best Gift as an Expression of Our Love

It’s the holiday season and for sure, many of us are now preoccupied with choosing what to give people closest to our heart. With all the offers, ads and invitation to buy stuff on the web, the search somehow becomes complicated.

Selecting gifts need not be complex chore. That is, if we have a dash of creativity, ample preparation, understanding the degree of our relationship with and enough knowledge on the background of our recipients.

Creativity brings wonder. A lot of ideas are available on the web on how to save money and even spent none at all on getting a gift. The best gifts are actually not the ones that cost the most. If you have special skills like carving, drawing, painting, taking photographs or baking, create a piece. For sure many of our friends will cherish gifts done with our effort and own time. And of course, they have to be something they will surely like.

As we always say, time is the essence. We spend time on a lot of things and it wouldn’t hurt if we spent a little for planning or preparing a list and a friends’ wish list. Aside from saving time, we easily project how much we need to prepare and identify what we need to prioritize.

As we choose, it’s also wise to consider how close we are to the recipient. We don’t simply buy our boss an expensive gift or else the act might be misconstrued in the work place. For our family members, we definitely know what they like best and asking them won’t hurt either. Imagine if you give your nephews a mug every year. Others prepare a wish list with a ceiling on the price of the items.

To many of us, money to spend on buying the perfect gift may be an issue. But to be creative in times of financial trouble may do the trick. After all, gift giving is about what our receiver would love to have and more importantly, it is not an obligation but an expression of our love.

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